Psychology Tricks that will help to Sell Better

Did you know people buy with an emotional attachment. You can create that emotional trigger by understanding the psychology behind it. Remember the last time you went to buy a car for $ 25000 however you end up buying another car for $ 30000.

These are some psychology ammunition that good sales people use so you can justify your purchase. The human mind works in such a way that if you could find the correct application to cause someone’s mind to flip to your way of thinking you make the sale.

Here are some of the Psychology tricks that will help to sell better:

Its always advisable to give your prospect fewer options to choose as too many options makes it harder to make a decision. Always research your prospect beforehand so you know which products to pitch them. Learn what you can about their needs before and narrow down the type of products they’re interested in.

Learn the reduction to ridiculous art of closing, In this strategy it involves converting the total or monthly amounts of money into daily amounts that make the investment seem more ‘do-able.

Flaunt your experience, credibility and expertise behind your product/services. The more authoritative you are as the seller, the potential customers will trust you. Another way to build credibility is showcasing your past or current customer’s positive testimonials. You can also utilize the power of social proofs to build credibility.

Storytelling in sales does make an impact on your prospects. Sharing a customer success story is more powerful than simply listing out the benefits of your products/services. It also helps you to motivate your audience to take the desired action.

Always make sure a bonus or discount is attach whenever you quote the final price and expires after a certain period of time.

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