Sales Techniques & The Death of The Sales Call

Sales Techniques & The Death of The Sales Call

Sales techniques:
A Google search on sales techniques or strategies (including more specific searches like a search on real estate sales techniques or prospecting techniques or marketing tips or motivation strategies) will yield over a million results instantly. Even with so much information at your fingertips, it is not any easier to perfect your sales techniques or advertising techniques. Even when you refine your search to terms like sales closing techniques, motivation techniques, presentation techniques, sales skills, and so on, it is rather hard to narrow down your search any further from among the million-odd articles.

A Crisis of Individuality:
The more one depends on the strategy ‘gurus’ or experts whether online, in books, or wherever, the more one loses that individual touch, those carefully tested out personal skills and strategies. And it is this quality — individuality — that is very important in the environment we now live in — one of extreme competition. Your buyer would be looking out for that something extra, something off the beaten track, as it were. There are going to be numerous conventions, seminars, and the like; breeding conformity. The gut feeling that makes you successful in dealings is your key to success. The important thing is to follow your instincts rather than blindly emulate the jargon spewing sales advisors.

Pick and Choose:
That is not to say that all such sales tips should be avoided — far from it. Do learn from as many sources as you can but without forgetting your self, because that is what makes you different from l the rest of the huge crowd. Business dealings depend on trust. So it is important to focus on your human side. Only then can you convince the other person that it is going to be a fair deal. As some put it, “the trust factor that is the bedrock to any sales or selling relationship”. It is here that modern sales strategies fail. Their failure lies in their negligence of the human elements. To be convincing and to build up trustfulness, you have to focus on your personality rather than worrying about various external factors.

The focus, and we simply can not say it too many times, should be on making your buyer feel good, convincing him, ergo, trust-building. Selling is essentially when reduced to its elementary, most basic precepts a deal or a pact between two like-minded people or parties. Let us also not forget that trust goes a long way. The same buyer, if and when convinced and satisfied with the sales, will come back and maybe also bring in other buyers. This is a very fundamental precept of the sales technique. And the one on which you can always fall back upon in times of trouble!

Sales & Marketing professional with 8 years of experience in Information Technology Industry.