Small Business after the Pandemic

Allen Mutum
2 min readSep 30, 2020

Sooner or later this pandemic is going to end however we should not forget how this situation has put the world to a standstill. People have also realized that “it is our darkest moment that we must focus to see the light” Many small businesses had to shut their doors, some may never reopen again however there are also other who have adopted the new norms to enable digitization of their business and hope they don’t have to shut down again.

The main focus of small businesses should be to stay as efficient as possible and lean. As a small business below are some of the points to take into consideration in terms of digitizing your business.

  • If you are a shop owner and have regular walk-in to your store, you can enable digital payments methodology and home delivery options.
  • You can also start with developing an eCommerce website of your business and let people order directly from there.
  • Start adopting the cloud strategy, you can move most of your IT infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Leveraging AI/ML for moving towards a data-driven enterprise.
  • Provide seamless support to remote connectivity, ensuring continued operations, and productivity improvement in a secured way.

This pandemic has also significantly let us shift towards digitization and fundamentally redefine the overall business landscape. Customers have become more comfortable interacting with less human touch and it also likely to continue to evolve.

The whole ecosystem of digital transformation does not only limit to the customer and business interaction but also the entire value chain which consists of merchants, vendors, logistics, etc.

One of the biggest takeaway from this pandemic situation is that it has let us know nothing is certain and you have to be flexible in terms of a paradigm shift of your business. You have to be 100% invested in your business. You should not allow uncertainty to paralyze decision making.

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