Supporting Small Business to thrive through Digital

As a business or a startup, what are the small strategic initiatives you have been taking to keep your business afloat during this pandemic? Well! if you have still not given a thought to enable digitization for your small business then now its the time to consider this initiative on a priority basis.

If we look at some of the positive sides of this pandemic crisis, we have got so much time to discover some of our hidden skills and talent which was lying on the backyard of our thoughts. During this crisis, I was able to complete some of my pending certifications and also my side hustle blog which required some fine-tuning. The message I wanted to convey is likewise, you can start refocusing your business into the Digital Strategy side so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity.

Below are some of the points to get started with:

  • Find the perfect domain name for your small business or start-up
  • Once you have registered your domain, hire someone to develop the website or there are various platforms in the market like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc which provide easy ways to develop one.
  • Create a company domain name email address ( to look like a legitimate & serious business.
  • Set up your Social Media Pages, like on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  • Link your website to your Web Analytics platform.
  • Once you have completed all the above steps, now its time for On-Page & Off-Page optimizations of your website.
  • Hire an SEO or Digital Marketing person who can run the ads campaign and make your online presence visible to your target audience.

You can even start these exercises on your own and Google has also come up with a great initiative to help small businesses during this pandemic. There are so many topics that you can at your own time convenient and pace.

Do let me know in the comments section how you are enabling yourself during this crisis and remember we are all together in this.

I would be Happy to Help! in setting up your digital presence. Reach out to me at Cheers!




Sales & Marketing professional with 8 years of experience in Information Technology Industry.

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Allen Mutum

Allen Mutum

Sales & Marketing professional with 8 years of experience in Information Technology Industry.

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